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Midland Gliding Club opening times

The club is open seven days a week from March to end of October but the office is closed on Wednesday. From November to March the club is open every flyable day. The office is open Monday am, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during winter months.


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Midland Gliding Club is registered in England under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1893 (revised 1965) registration no. IP11889R
Club no. 11889R

Registered office address:
Church Sretton










Gliding is an exciting and rewarding sport for people from 14 to 85, male and female. It is very affordable and not just a sport for the rich and privileged alone. Gliding is a cheap way to learn to fly. Flying in gliders is not at all like flying in commercial airliners. When gliding you are part of your surroundings, not just a passenger in a metal tube. It's "seat of the pants" flying, rather like that enjoyed by pioneer aviators. Flying a glider well depends on your aptitude, skill and judgment, coupled with a thorough training. At the Midland Gliding Club we specialise in training pilots at all levels from beginners to advanced cross country soaring.

Trial lessons make excellent presents for anyone between the ages of 14 and 85. Give someone a taste of adrenalin this year. This is something they almost certainly will not have done before and you cannot find a better spot for a first glider flight.

Residential holiday courses are one of the best and most cost effective ways to learn to fly. Click here to find out more:

click here for the first step towards the experience of a lifetime, a gliding trial lesson

Recreational Aviation

You don't have to own your own glider. MGC has a fleet of well maintained single-seat and two-seat gliders available to all flying members.  Unlike the majority of UK gliding clubs, the Midland Gliding Club operate as a members’ collective; our members pay for the upkeep of the club’s gliders through an annual flying fee and can fly them as much as they like, subject to experience and availability, for no additional flying charge except for launch fees. All launches after 5 on any single day are free.


  • Airfields can be dangerous places. Obey all signs and instructions.
  • Keep a good lookout at al times. Gliders can land unexpectedly and silently from any direction.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the airfield unless on a leash and controlled by a responsible person at all times.
  • There is a 15 mph speed limit on all parts of the airfield.
  • No vehicles are allowed on any part of the airfield other than on designated roads and tracks except for authorised club vehicles.
  • Gliders can launch from almost anywhere on the airfield. If unsure what is happening do not proceed, stop and ask someone.
  • Have your side windows open and radio off so you can hear shouted instructions such as "STOP".
  • Never drive in front of a glider at the launch point as it may be about to launch.
  • Report first to the office on arrival.
  • Parking is available behind the trailer line outside the club house or in the overspill car park to the south of the caravan park.
  • Do not drive or park outside the hangar or in front of the trailers.



MGC Airfield Operations for Visiting Power Pilots
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Download a copy of the MGC Local Flying Rules for Glider Pilots

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