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The Annual Long Mynd Gliding Challenge



Task week will take place at the Mynd between Agust 17th and 26th this year.

For anyone that doesn't know Task Week is a friendly local competition ostensibly for the members but open to anyone from other clubs. It is run along similar lines to Competition Enterprise (see http://www.comp-enterprise.com).

The intention is to get everyone flying no matter in what - wood, two seaters, high performance racers with tasks that test everyone but also give everyone a chance to win. Predominantly designed to give members a taste of competition flying without any of the stress! Rub shoulders with experienced pundits, nationals pilots, even members of the British Team and learn as you have fun.

Always people around to retrieve, usually plenty of good fields at that time of the year and generally pretty good weather. If you need more information ask in the office.

Prizes and trophies for the winners and bottles of wine and other goodies for the day winners. A very small entry fee of a few piddling pounds goes towards the cost of the prizes.

To get the most out of it you need to have a Silver C and the Cross Country Endorsement and a glider to fly. You can hire the club single seaters with prior notice. The two seat gliders are usually available for a variety of P2s to fly with the club instructors or other pundits. You should also try to have a retrieve crew and a serviceable logger. Photographic evidence is no longer acceptable.

Task Week is always fun and most people end up doing something they haven't done before, going somewhere new, flying further or faster. Join in and take part.

We particularly invite members of other clubs to join in and share the joy of flying from the highest gliding club in the country into largely unrestricted airspace that surrounds us.









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