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Flying at the Long Mynd


Full flying membership of the club
confers access to all of the club's facilities, including use of the gliders at competitive rates. Except on holiday courses (where instruction is included in the course fee), instruction is free to all club members, and those under 21 benefit from half price flying charges and discounted membership rates.

On our extensive airfield
(about 134ha), the club buildings include hangar, glider workshops, winch garage and workshop, heated parachute storage, battery charging, a comfortable clubhouse with dining room, tv room, lounge, bar, office, briefing room, and overnight accommodation in centrally heated bunkrooms and private rooms with modern showers and toilet facilities

The club operates 7 days a week from mid-March until the end of October and from Thursday through Sunday and other suitable flying days throughout the winter. In summer, evening flying takes place on most days, with evening courses for club members held on several evenings each week .

Download a copy of the MGC Local Flying Rules


the ancient art of bungee launching at the Long Mynd

The ancient art of bungee launching as practiced at the Mynd since 1934. We use this launch method whenever the wind is westerly and above 20kts. There are not many places left in Europe, or indeed the world, where you can try this.

For a video clip of bungee launching at the Mynd click here (5.64MB)
For another video clip click here
For an article on bungee launching click here   

And if you think this all looks like fun how about Dune Running in Holland click here (MPEG2 8.5MB)



The choice is yours - we look forward to your visit and to your enjoyment of flying with us at the Midland Gliding Club

  Did you know?

The first flyers at the Mynd started in the 1930s bringing their gliders with them at the weekends from Cambridge.

Amy Johnson was a member back then and Lembit Opik MP is a member now.

  The British Gliding Association   

The BGA is the governing body that administers the sport of gliding in the UK with delegated powers from the CAA. All our instructors are trained and approved by the BGA. All gliders have to be inspected once a year for airworthiness and receive a Certificate of Airworthiness from a BGA registered inspector

Winter Opening
The club reverts to the usual winter opening hours at the end of October until the begriming of March. It is open to members and visitors all day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Flying is available on all other good days




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