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Competition Enterprise


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from Saturday 30th June to Saturday 7th July 2012 plus 'fly home' day Sunday 8th July
Competition Enterprise returns to the Long Mynd in June 2012 and we plan to make it even better than last time.

The Mynd offers a highly efficient met forecast from our own pundits aided and abetted by a professional weather forecaster. Catering is by our resident professionals offering hot and cold food and drinks all day. Our renowned retrieve winch launching system uses professional winch drivers giving very few fumbles and up to 30 launches an hour on a good day to heights above 3000' asl. We also offer aerotows behind our Pawnee and in the right conditions bungee launches, sometimes straight into wave.

You can download the competition handbook from the links on the right as soon as it is available as well as our local procedures and flying rules. If you need any further information please call the office
on 01588 650206

Entry forms can be downloaded from this link and submitted on-line with details for payment of the entry fee. The field is limited to 40 gliders and entries will be accepted in date order.

The entry fee for Competition Enterprise this year will be £145, £75 for Juniors under the age of 21 or £125 for MGC members. Cancellations before 1st May 2012 will be refunded in full less a £25 administration fee. Cancellations after the 1st May will not be refunded.

Update January 19th 2012

Entry forms now available - click on the link above or to the right

Update 29 November 2012:

MGC will make a dispensation against its usual local tradition of not allowing self launching of gliders from the site for the duration of the competition., subject to the decision of the number one on the day. "In certain wind directions self launching from the Long Mynd site is definately not advised. Decisions will be made on a day to day basis and advised at briefing. Anyone using an engine should climb out to the North or South and definately not over the valley to the West until above 2000' QFE.

Pilots are advised to make sure that they bring with them the required technology to upload traces to the scorer's computers. We can manage almost anything but if you have something non-standard please bring the relevant data cables or the ability to transfer files to a flash card, SD card or memory stick.

Please note you will be required to produce a current and valid medical certificate and a radio license as well as insurance documents and a current BGA CofA or CAA ARC for the glider at registration and be in posession of suitable current CAA charts.

As usual there will be a bit of a party after the evening meal on the last Saturday in the clubhouse. Trophies will be presented before the meal. All task scoring will end at 1700 to encourage everyone to get home in time.

Accomodation is being booked very fast so if you want some get in touch with the office asap. There may be some privately owned caravans available for hire for the week - ask Martin in the office.



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Picture above drawn by Nick Gaunt after his outlanding and drawn on a map of his route during Competition Enterprise 1999. Click on image to enlarge.

Competition Enterprise website
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Follow this link for a page of Q & As
not yet available

Competition Handbook
not yet available

CE Etiquette
particularly relating to gliders with engines

Local Procedures & Info
for download as PDF

Local Flying Rules
for download as PDF

Entry Form
available on-line

Local Accommodation

You will need Adobe Reader to see and print these documents. This can be downloaded free by clicking the icon above.




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