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Holiday Courses at the Long Mynd



2015 season course prices are unchanged from last year, and the year before, representing even more outstanding value.
Book now to secure your place.
Call the office to check availability on 01588 650206.

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What do I get for my money?

  • Temporary membership of the Club for 3 months
  •  As much flying & instruction as time and the weather allow, without limits
  •  A comfortable bed in one of our rooms or dormitories (charges for accomodation in addition to course fee)
  •  Duvet, blankets, bed linen and pillows in the private rooms if accomodation booked
  •  Washing and hot shower facilities
  •  Use of lounge, bar, TV room and all Club facilities
  • Professional instruction
  • Professional winch drivers
  • Fast retrieve winch system
  • Modern fleet

How and what do I learn?
You will normally be in a group of up to four pupil pilots under the care of one of our two professional instructors. Your group has exclusive use of a modern two-place dual-control glider from 9:00 to 5:30 on each day of the course. From your first flight you will experience the thrill of handling the aircraft as the instructor shows you how to use the controls. You will soon find that you are doing most of the flying while the instructor merely advises or demonstrates. You will discover that today’s gliders are superbly engineered machines. They can fly for long distances and attain very great heights and remain aloft for many hours. Distances of over two and a half thousand kilometers and heights of over six miles have been achieved. Triangular courses covering hundreds of kilometers are regularly set in competitions.

Obviously you won’t be notching up flights like that during your holiday, but the glider you will fly has excellent performance and allows you to find and explore rising air and use it to the best advantage.

How do we get airborne?
The Midland Gliding Club uses powerful Chevrolet-engined winches to launch the gliders to 1000 ft. or more. As our site is on a hill your actual height above the ground you are flying over will be around 2000 ft. After the launch a smaller winch is used to retrieve the cable ready for the next launch. With this unique system our professional main winch drivers ensure that gliders spend the maximum time in the air.

How far can I progress?
That is largely dependent on your aptitude, but with proper training flying a glider is no more difficult than driving a car, and is not dangerous. Whether you have had previous flying experience or not, you will be treated as an individual by your instructor, and will progress as far as your ability allows. It is unlikely that you will reach solo standard after only one week but many ab-initios can learn enough in a fortnight of good weather to fly safely alone

What if it rains?
You will learn that experienced glider pilots are very selective about the weather and limit their flying so as to take advantage of the best flying conditions. As an ab-initio you will find that poor weather seldom prevents flying, but if this does occur your instructor will use the time to cover theoretical aspects of gliding in the briefing room. Videos on flying and gliding are also available. The Midland Gliding Club operates a scheme which guarantees each pupil pilot an average of one hour of flying time or six circuits for each day of the course, as a minimum, or free replacement flying at a later date by arrangement if it fails to provide it*. If the weather does intervene, the Long Mynd and the surrounding area are part of the Welsh-border countryside and offer many tourist attractions. There is riding, golf and an air museum as well as some of the country’s best public houses. You cannot get bored!

Where do I stay?
You can stay at the Club in our own accommodation. All our rooms are centrally heated and double glazed. Beds are available in one of the shared dormitories or a 2 or 4 berth private room. 2 berth rooms have double beds. Caravans are welcome so long as arrangements are made in advance. The cost of accomodation is additional to the course fee.

Where do I eat?
All your meals may be taken in the Clubhouse, provided by our professional caterers. You can have a cooked breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and a three course supper with vegetarian alternatives. All food is paid for separately.

When do I arrive?
The course begins at 9:00am on the starting date (usually a Monday) but we prefer you to arrive and settle in on the afternoon or evening before. A supper will be available at about 7:00pm. The course ends at 5:00pm on the last day (usually Friday). All the course dates are published in our course literature.

Can I bring the family?
Non-flying partners can be accommodated and can enjoy all the Club facilities for an additional tariff (see price list). The club and flying field are not however suitable for unsupervised young children.

What clothes do I bring?

The Long Mynd is 1450ft. above sea level so, whatever the time of year, you are advised to bring plenty of old warm clothes, sweaters, windproof anoraks, gloves, hat and waterproof footwear. In summer you will also need sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat.

What about bed linen?
Linen is provided in private rooms but not in the bunkrooms so we suggest you bring a sleeping bag.

How do I choose a course?
If you are very keen to learn to fly then we suggest that you book an early course when the weather is most suitable for training and then book a summer course to continue your new found sport.

How do I book a course?
Refer to the supplementary literature and complete the necessary details. Send the completed forms to the Club. If in any doubt telephone the office and discuss your requirements during office hours or email courses@longmynd.com.

  Did you know?

The real objective of learning to glide is to be able to mimic the birds and let nature's energy take you to far off places. Flying cross country is a real thrill and takes skill and experience.

Going solo is just the first step on the way to becoming a cross country pilot.


  We accept credit cards

as payment for holiday courses and any additional charges incurred during your stay


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