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Cost of flying at the MGC on the Long Mynd


Membership and allied charges

with effect from 1st April 2015
- valid until April 2016

The Midland Gliding Club levies various charges that reflect the costs of running its activities.

The main charges paid by all flying members are the following:

  • an annual subscription, that covers airfield, BGA affiliation, club house and administration costs

  • an annual flying fee that covers the cost of maintaining the club’s aircraft for club members’ use

  • launch fees for each flight that cover the associated costs; winch-launch fees cover our professional winch drivers’ salaries, winch and workshop costs, bungey-launch fees cover wear and tear on the equipment, aerotow fees cover the cost of operating the club’s tug aircraft for members’ use.

Members under the age of 21 benefit from half price flying and launching charges and heavily discounted membership rates.

Except on holiday courses (where instruction is included in the course fee), instruction is free to all club members, and those under 21 benefit from half price flying charges and discounted membership

Other flying and non-flying activities and facilities are paid for by members and visitors as and when they are used.

  • holiday course fees cover our two professional instructors’ salaries and the cost of maintaining the club’s aircraft for course members’ use.

  • charges for our accommodation and in the bar are set to cover costs and return a small profit to the club.

  • our staffed restaurant is independently managed

for Members’ charges click here

for Visitors’ charges click here
(apply to members of BGA or overseas gliding clubs)

for Trial Lesson charges click here

for Accommodation and related charges click here

Additional notes on flying charges
Launches done before 10am are charged at half price (trial lessons and flying by under 21s excepted)

Simulated cable breaks are charged at half price if the landing is immediately straight ahead.

  The Fleet

We maintain a modern and well equiped fleet of two and single seat gliders. They are:
One ASK21 - Training 2 seater - one recently overhauled and re-gelled
One ASK23 - Single seater version of ASK21, recently re-gelled and overhauled - simple progression to solo
One ASK13
- Training 2 seater - great for spin training
One ASK8 - Fun and cheap to fly
Twin Astir two seat trainer for advanced solo training, cross country exercises, solo and mutual flying and cross country
One Discus B- high performance single seater competition ready
Falke 2000 motor glider available for NavEx and field landing exercises

Our launch system comprises:
Knox 2000 8.2 ltr and Skylaunch Retrieve Winch System - 2 main and 2 retrieve so no down time - 20 launches an hour capability
3 landrovers for glider moving and general use on the airfield
A Range Rover for towing the winches
A mobile Launch Point vehicle
with heating and refreshment facilities
Bungee Launches - the only club in Europe, maybe the world, still regularly bungee launching into minimum 20kt westerly

   We Accept Credit Cards

Members may pay all their subscriptions, launch and flying fees, as well as overnight accomodation by credit card

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