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About the Midland Gliding Club


MGC is one of the oldest clubs in the UK
with all year round operation, seven days a week March to November and offers wave, thermal and ridge soaring for novice and accomplished pilots. We run glider pilot training courses throughout the summer and welcome visiting expeditions. Trial lessons (by prior arrangement) make fantastic presents, especially at Christmas.

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On our extensive airfield (about 134ha), the club buildings include hangar, glider workshops, winch garage and workshop, heated parachute storage, battery charging, a comfortable clubhouse with dining room, tv room, lounge, bar, office, briefing room, and overnight accommodation in centrally heated bunkrooms and private rooms with modern showers and toilet facilities.

You do not have to own a glider to fly at the Mynd.
The club owns a comprehensive fleet of gliders, a tug aircraft and a share of a motor glider. Members pay a fixed annual “flying fee” that entitles them to fly any club glider as much as they like, subject to aircraft being fairly shared between other club and course members.

Many people own their own glider, often in syndicates of up to 8 people sharing costs between the syndicate members. Syndicate members and private owners can keep their gliders at the club and have the same rights to use club aircraft but pay only 50% of the flying fee.

Please come and visit us at the Mynd but remember that airfields can be dangerous places so do obey all signs and instructions, do not bring dogs unless leashed and report first to the office.



If you need further information the office is open every day during the summer months or send an email to office@longmynd.com. The club is open for flying every day until the end of October.

Don't forget our winter wave camps and bungee launching in a strong westerly


Free Flights for Cadets
If you learned to glide with the RAF Cadets but have since either not continued or given it up we would like to help get you back into a glider. Just call the office to arrange a day, come up to the club with proof of your A or B certificates, and we will give a you a free day membership pass and your first flight free of charge. Why wait?

  Airfield Information  

Grid ref: 340.32 291.56
52°31.119N 002° 52.857W
Trig: MYN
Control frequency: 129.975
Height ASL: 1450'
Tel: 01588 650206
last update May 17, 2012 9:26 AM.


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