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Midland Gliding Club Expedition to Jaca 2010




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Midland Gliding Club is one of the few places left in the world where you can experience a Bungey Launch

The Glider is attached to a Y shaped piece of Bungey chord with the glider on one end and three people on each of the other two ends. The people run down the hill until the elastic is taut, the pilot shuts the brakes and the glider is catapulted off the hill. This only works in a very strong wind blowing up the slope, which is why you see the glider start to climb immediately it is released, it has flown ito the ridge lift from the hill.

This video is of a 2 seater K21 being launched

This is a video of a single seater Discus being Bungey launched

This is a video flying down our 5 mile long ridge. Don't try this at home!

A number of club members recently restored a T21 open cockpit 2 seater:

Photos of the T21

Video of a T21 launch

Every year in early spring the Midland Gliding Club organisies a trip to Santa Cilia, near Jaca in the Spanish Pyrenees, where we have a great time end enjoy some truly awesome flying experiences.

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Trip to Jaca in 2006 Slideshow

Trip to Jaca 2007 Slideshow

Trip to Jaca 2008 Slideshow


Video of flying a Duo Discus over the Pyrennees


29/03/08 to 06/04/08

Once again the Midland Gliding Club played host to a group of Glider pilots from Holland. This is an annual event organised by the Dutch Kennemer Gliding Club and kicks off the 2008 season of soaring hospitality on the Long Mynd.  

The group made their first visit to the Midland Gliding club in the year 2000 and were so impressed with the wonderful scenery and soaring conditions that it has become an annual event.  The friendly welcome and products of the local breweries all help cement the relationship.  

Despite a less than optimistic forecast the luck of the Dutch held good in 2008 and they had some excellent flying weather.  A unique attraction for them at the Gliding Club on the Long Mynd is the fact that it is probably the only club in Europe and possibly the world that still regularly uses the traditional 'Bungey Launch'. 

This was the normal way of getting gliders into the air when the club was founded 74 years ago. The method involves human power stretching elastic ropes to catapult the glider from the Long Mynd's 1,500' asl West facing ridge.  Normally gliders are launched by the less labour intensive methods of winch or aero-tow.

Flash Slideshow of the Dutch week


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